Standing on a high point in the middle of our country, you can see to a horizon 360 degrees around to a distance where the sky seems to consume the good earth.  This abundance, that is so bountifully laid out before you from your vantage point, is everywhere on our earth; it is just more easily seen up here.

Abundance brings to mind a paradigm. There are some people who give from the heart and others who give in a way that is more like a sale.  Among those who give from the heart, as though they were sharing a cherished part of themselves to enrich the the life of a friend, are some who are exceptionally generous in the seeming absence of anything tangible.  Their gifts to others are knowledge, understanding, love, pathways to skills tried and true, and insight gained the hard way.  Much of the world is impoverished for lack of these.

We at World One are dedicated to seeking out these fortunate seers and engaging their help to enact our vision: the unfettered giving of knowledge, understanding, love, skills, and insight to the underprivileged of our world, wherever they may be.

You, the reader, may support our mission however you are inclined and able.  If you are fortunate to have financial resources beyond your needs, we can direct funds to those who have the will and desire to contribute, as above, but lack the means to make it a reality.  Help World One to be a catalyst for joy and growth in a world of despair.

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