What We Have Been Up To

What We Have Been Up To

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Hi Folks,

To catch you up on what we at World One Assist have been doing lately, my sister, Aleta Sonnenberg, her daughter Tiamae Dulany, husband Fred and son Lathen, are putting together a program to give disadvantaged children a personal library of children’s books and gifts in a colorful book tote. Aleta and her husband Fred have felt a Christian responsibility to care for the foster kids and orphans. Three years ago they adopted their second son, Brandon, from the Foster Child system in Houston,Texas. Since then, Aleta has been working on a dream to put together the gift packs for foster children in the Houston, area. With the help of her daughter Tiamae, she is well on her way to achieving this goal, however the cost of this project is supported entirely by donations.

They named the project “Brandon’s Libraries for Little Ones” after their adopted son. We at World One Assist have partnered with Sondevida, LLC, the Sonnenberg’s business which is a provider of English and Hispanic Christian greeting cards and stationery products. Our partnership with them will provide the funds to give personal libraries to children in Foster/Adopt programs, to encourage children’s wonder, excitement and imagination through reading. In each book tote we aim to provide a collection of at least a dozen age-appropriate books. The products and books will be in English and Spanish depending on the books supplied. We are also providing a Christmas, Birthday or Encouragement card, a poster, bookmarks, stickers, and button pins as deemed appropriate for each age group. We are currently arranging the inclusion of other donated items as well, to round out the packages.
World One Assist is the dynamo behind the scenes to help bring in the donations of products, funds and volunteers for the project.

World One Assist improves the social and financial welfare of under-served peoples. Through initiatives that strengthen cottage industries, support the medical community, and vitalize the educational infrastructure, World One Assist collaborates with our representatives and ambassadors in their native countries in executing our mission.

Please go to our donation page to make a donation. When you click on the donate button, you will be directed to the WePay.com site where you can select which level of donation you wish to give.

World One Assist extends our sincere thanks to you for considering a generous contribution to the Brandon’s Libraries for Little Ones fund. Your support will enable us to provide one or more personal libraries to eligible foster children. The recipients of our aid are not restricted to any religion or culture. Our outreach is, at the outset, to provide a small beginning, a spark as it were, to ignite the fire of excitement for the young reader. We aim to start modestly and grow to fill this need. The total amount of your charitable contribution is tax deductible.

Again, thank you so much for helping the children.