About Us

The cumulative experience of the Board of Directors at World One Assist epitomizes the wide array of talent and expertise dedicated to our mission.


Cynthia P. King

Two years’ experience in project management and supervision
More than twenty-years experience in clinical nursing
Highly skilled in all aspects of patient care
Professional history of effectively supervising and leadership
Proficient in Ms Suite

B.S.N. – Nursing – In Progress, Empire State University, Albany, New York
R.N. – Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn, New York – 1995 – 97

Health Information Project Director, Community Health Care Association of New York
State (CHCANYS) Albany, NY
Home Health Nurse, Great Neck, LI
Provide quality nursing care to geriatric patients


John M. Kirkwood, CHFP

More than 30 years’ experience as human factors professional
Fifteen years’ experience with diverse land, sea, and air military systems
Fifty years experience in industrial/machine design
Ten years supervisory experience
Patent Holder and Consultant
Excellent interpersonal communication and writing skills
M.A. – Industrial Design & Human Factors Engineering, University of Idaho, 1976
B.F.A – Art, Communications & Mechanical Engineering, University of Idaho, 1972
Certificate – Human Factors Engineering, University of Michigan, 1983

Chief Operating Officer, Industrial Designer, Web Interface designer, HFE
World One Assist Foundation, Inc. New Jersey

Industrial Designer, Human Factors Engineer, Safety & Security Engineer
Hi-Tec Systems, Inc. Atlantic City, New Jersey

Industrial Designer, Human Factors Engineering (HFE) Designer, Administrator
The American Law Institute and ALI-ABA, Philadelphia, PA

Industrial Designer/Senior HFE under contract to US Army
CSC, Inc. Monmouth, New Jersey
Senior Human Factors Engineer, Industrial Designer
A O-K Consulting Services, Inc, Pennsauken, New Jersey
Industrial Designer and Human Factors Engineer,
CTA Inc., McKee City, New Jersey 1990 – 1991

Senior Human Factors Engineer, Industrial Designer & Operability Lab Supervisor
RCA/General Electric (GE), Morristown, New Jersey

Scientist/Inventor/Instrument Maker
Washington State University, Pullman, Washington

Professional Certification, Affiliations, Patents
Certified Human Factors Professional, Dec. 1993
Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE) (Certificate # 184).
Human Factors Society (1975 – Present)
Patent #4982184: Electrocrystalochromic solid state video display technology, 1991,

SBIR Proposal to NASA “DAVOS Vehicle Operating System,”  Hi-Tec Systems,                            September 7, 2005
Coauthor, white paper “Secure Air Traveler Profile Acquisition System (SATPAS)” Hi-Tec Systems, September 2002
Law Publication Markup Language (LPML) DTD, www.LegalXML.org, January 2002,


Auslyn G. Nieto, Ph.D

Dr. Nieto has extensive experience in vocational rehabilitation counseling, earning a supernal reputation as owner of a leading private rehabilitation firm in Southern California. During her tenure with employment and training programs, she successfully wrote and managed a multi-million dollar federal grant, was liaison to the nonprofit community, and sat on various Workforce Investment Boards. In addition to governmental and nonprofit service, Dr. Nieto facilitates online classes at a leading for-profit university, a corollary of her academic proclivities both in the U.S. and South America.

Born in Trinidad to a Panamanian father and Trinidadian mother, her propelling passion for people stands behind the importance of humanitarian outreach to the people of the world.

 World One In Brief


World One Assist Foundation, Inc. (W1AFI) works to enhance and improve the social and financial welfare of the citizens of the world by bringing together all interested parties through reconstruction and education. We project a broad outreach to assist the willing and able citizens, businesses, government departments and non-government organizations, in realizing a brighter and more secure future.


W1AFI is a non-profit philanthropic organization in California and New Jersey, USA.  W1AFI works to enhance and improve the general community welfare of world citizens, by providing education, basic supplies, employment opportunities, and assisting all disadvantaged to a higher standard of life.

Grenada Assist Foundation, (parent organization of W1AFI) was founded in 2006 as Grenada Assist Foundation, Inc.. Our management team consists of the board of directors of W1AFI working collaboratively with “Representatives” and “Agents” in as needed world wide. In addition, professionals in recipient countries are retained to keep us appraised of laws and legislative activities and to help us further our outreach. Plans include adding to the W1AFI world wide staff as the mission requires.

Organizational Structure

World One Assist Foundation, Inc. works through the direct and personal attention of W1AFI “Agents”.  These agents are located in each village or community and seek to interact with and know personally each recipient of our assistance.  The agents are managed by W1AFI “Representatives”.  The representatives are in close contact with the foundation directors at all times and attend frequent national meetings.  At a regional level, the directors meet with each representative and his agents in his home community. The nature of the meeting allows each agent to present his report on each recipient. This report contains financial data and other material to illustrate the progress of the funded project.  These reports are filled at the regional level and at W1AFI headquarters.


W1AFI provides a variety of services, including the scheduling and coordination of a number of activities and events. We provide direct services that include hands-on instruction to students, teacher trainees and teachers.  Our services include working with computer companies to equip as many primary and secondary schools as possible with up-to-date computer systems, and providing Internet access for further education, teaching opportunities and the development of web site creation skills.

GAF Objectives:

Microloans for small and very small business,
Training and development of micro-business skills,
Critical materials for repairs to home and community,
Computers, books and supplies for schools, businesses and professions,
Medical supplies for improved adult and child health,
Training in infrastructure design for home, and community,

Education for the public,
Protection for the rights of the disadvantaged,
Discovery of opportunities for small and very small business,
Communication of these opportunities to those who are eager and able,
Educating, through social outreach,


For the most part, our recipients are very small businesses and individuals with extremely limited resources for training in appropriate technologies, that is, using what is at hand to solve the problem.  With small but critical additions of outside help, we can help them improve their earnings and increase the value of their sweat- equity investments.  W1AFI will provide technology and cultural training and well as marketing information and intercommunity co-operation to reach this goal.

Financial Outlook

Our main strategy is to provide the funds to facilitate the growth of knowledge and the discovery of opportunity. We seek contributions from a large, interested donor base to provide revenue to reach our goal and position W1AFI as a true benefactor of disadvantaged people. W1AFI growth is financed solely through donor cash flow. We are proceeding without loans or other indebtedness.  Cash flow is expected to be mainly from grants, and philanthropic donations. We have set a goal of a net annual donated income of $10,000,000 to support the full-time W1AFI effort. In-kind and material donations will eventually make up a large percentage of the donated value.

Grenada Assist Foundation, Inc. was founded by Rodlyn H. Douglas and John M. Kirkwood in 2006 as a nonprofit foundation, incorporated in the state of NJ, USA and is the parent company of W1AFI.

The World One Assist Foundation seeks to be a recognized and respected mentor, representative and proponent of the disadvantaged people of our recipient countries.