World One Assist Foundation, Inc., a 501(c) 3 organization inaugurated in 2006, is dedicated to positively affecting local and regional communities through educational programs and progressive initiatives.


Our service goal for 2018 is to bring the Court Ordered Referral Experience (CORE) online to service all of the Burlington County applicable court divisions.  The Internet, telephone, and e-mail systems will be fully utilized to minimize client travel and provide rapid, accurate response to our client’s inquiries.  We will provide direct services that include hands-on instruction …..to court referral clients.

In the past, our services included working with technology companies to equip as many primary and secondary schools as possible with up-to-date computer systems.  provide Internet access to further education, and the …..acquisition of website creation skills.

WOAFI Programs:

  • Court Ordered Referral Experience (CORE)
  • Rain water conservation for the homeowner
  • Computers, books and supplies for schools
  • Ecological home design for third world sites
  • Mini ibraries for preschool and grade school
  • Educating through social outreach

Our CORE recipients include individuals from all walks of life and diverse financial resources.  With small but critical additions of outside help, we can help them improve their standing with the court and the community.  WOAFI will provide resources to reach this goal.

Financial Outlook

Our main strategy continues to be the provision of funds to facilitate the growth of knowledge and the discovery of opportunity.  We seek contributions from a large, interested donor base to provide revenue to reach our goal and position WOAFI as a true benefactor of disadvantaged people. WOAFI growth is financed solely through donor cash flow.